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August 26, 2012


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I'm still excited about attending my first East Coast convention. Dragon*Con!

Also excited I got to do a monster hunter group shoot with Joseph Chi Lin during Animegacon. Him having the experience to pose someone newer to photoshoots such as myself really helped during the whole process.

Also, i decided to upload a portfolio of my Monster Hunter Work in Progress here… . Its a 30 page presentation that was designed to occupy around 7 minutes of time, and goes through the concept and crafting process of creating a representation of the Goushu Kirin Armor.

Its been a fairly quiet week so i've spend a little bit of it working on Light up Persona 4 Tarot cards. I'm thinking about making a few more that don't light up as props, just in case. But with 2 cards that do light up, and 2 hands, it seems like a good number. Especially since it costs me around $12 to create each card, and wiring them up is tedious. :|

For cosplays, since i'll have to pack lighter, it seems like I'll be able to bring Nightwing, General Iroh, and Persona 4. I think that is around all my luggage will really allow for.
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nokki Featured By Owner Aug 28, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Have fun! I've heard Dragon Con is a blast! Hopefully you wont get any bad weather from Issac while you're there.
SoCoPhDPepper Featured By Owner Aug 28, 2012
yeah, really hoping that the weather behaves itself too. I remember it gets really humid in the east coast so hopefully i'm prepared to handle that.
nokki Featured By Owner Aug 28, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Oh so very humid. I almost died in my Amon costume xD

Just be sure to drink lots of water.
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